A sex game that allows the man to act as landscaper, and the woman to act as the landscape. First the man "aerates" the woman by poking his penis into her mouth, vagina, and anus. Then, he trims her pubic hair, followed by ejaculating on her, serving as an "incesticide". Finally, the man releases feces on the woman as an act of "fertilizing".
During a hot chili dinner, Megan told Brad that she felt "unkempt" and could use a trim. Brad, thinking on his toes....suggested that it may be time for the "Dirty Landscaper" to pay a visit.
by Muck-a-luck January 22, 2007
Top Definition
When a woman puts her legs behind her head and a man jumps and tries to land with his penis in the vagina.
Matt was a good man but he missed the Dirty Landscaper.
by K-Noodle November 10, 2009
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