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The act of forcibly taking an unwilling participant to a secluded location by threat of force, performing anal sex on the unwilling participant and then forcibly making participant perform oral sex. Also called ass to mouth or ATM.
Richard was in his backyard when a stranger forced him into his garage and gave him a dirty Juan.
by ripcord237 August 29, 2011
The Puerto Rican version of the Dirty Sanchez, when a man and a woman engage in anal sex, then the man takes his penis and rubs it on the girls upper lip leaving a moustache. could also be defined as when a male fingers a female's ass and wipes the reminants on the female's upper lip.
Laura was pissed and yelled at Manuel "don't ever give me a dirty Sanchez again", and Manuel replied I am Puerto Rican bitch, that was a Dirty Juan!
by laukerp August 03, 2009

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