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Masturbating with one hand and have the thumb of your other hand up your ass
I tried to give my self a dirty hitchhiker last night and sprained my left thumb
by Dr. Yapoo February 16, 2005
A man gets his ass rimmed while the person performing the rimming (see Tossed Salad) uses one hand to tug the balls while massaging the taint with thumb (Extra long thumbs may even massage the prostate). This can be combined with the RUSTY TROMBONE if the person doing the rimming has excellent finger dexterity (Much like patting your head and rubbing your belly, the circular thumb motion and jerk off hand motion can be challenging, especially with a tongue in the ass). Beware long fingernails.
Dude, your mom is so talented. Lucky I washed my ass and shaved my balls because she used her left and right hand while rimming my hole. I never had a Dirty Hitchhiker & Rusty Trombone at once! No wonder your dad is always smiling!
by 9 Inch Justice November 04, 2010

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