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This words stems from the guy named Harold on the movie "Kids". It's where you pull down your pants and start slapping your semi-hard penis back and forth off each leg. You can also use it during sex while your cumming, slapping the girl in the face.
I whipped out my dick at the party and did the Dirty Harold!
by Smitty,E September 23, 2006
A reference to Harold Ramis, the actor who played Egon in Ghostbusters, the act of you (Harold) swinging your balls an inch above your friend's face while he sleeps as you chant "I ain't 'fraid of no ghost" repeatedly until he wakes.

A bonus would be the friend waking up with his first reaction to lift up his head which would ram into Harold's dangling/swinging nards which is when Harold must respond with, "he slimed me".
As Nic was sleeping, Carey pulled down his pants, squatted over his face and gave Nic a Dirty Harold

OMG, look at Stu giving Sam a Dirty Harold
by Beardiful January 13, 2013
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