When a girl is shaving your pubes off and is feverishly jacking you off so you dont have a panic attack she's about to cut your balls off, however since there is shaving cream involved and loads and loads of ball hair, the hair works it's way up to the head of the penis, so it looks like your dick is wearing a toupee,
She was shaving my balls because she likes the turtle shell effect, but I had so much hair on my nuts it turned into a dirty hairy.
Top Definition
If a man has an incredibly hairy ass/asshole and it appears as he has not wiped for weeks and still has dried shit in there. Preferable when the hair is brown or darker.
Mike: "Hey did you see when Max mooned us?"
Mike: "WTF!"
Nathan: "Just kidding, it was disgusting"
by Mike Norris April 19, 2006
When a girl finds hair in her teeth weeks after giving an extremely hairy guy a blow job
ugh I just found a dirty hairy this morning
by GMPinc June 27, 2009
When somebody kisses the anus of another man. Then the person on top says "Do you feel lucky spunk" and farts in her mouth.

The deluxe version = when the fart is wet

The suprieme = is the dirty hairy deluxe and some addtional shit that accidently ;-) appeared and falls in her mouth.
Sandra: Starts kissing his friends asshole
Mike: Do you feel lucky spunk (and starts one of the dirty hairy's)
by nevermind this is it buddy March 17, 2011
after sex jiz in girls pubs and use it as hair gel for pubic hairs.
I like anal and my name is aj.
by juan neago June 05, 2005
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