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When a blond girl doesnt shave her armpits and they stink.
"Holy crap dude Jamie has a Dirty German"
by MeganDailey23 May 03, 2013
n. A "moustache" given to another person by applying moustache wax to a finger in secret, then dragging the waxed finger across the person's upper lip. See: Dirty Sanchez
"I like the way your moustache smells." "Do you want a Dirty German?"
by Helmut Kohl June 09, 2007
the act of dropping a load of hot shit on a girl's face, then ejaculating on her.
Her ultimate fantasy is a dirty german gang bang, where she will be covered in ten guys' stinking loads.
by biggdawgg August 20, 2009
Heating up a sausage in the oven then fucking someone in the ass with it while reading Mien Kemf
She is so hot I'd give her a dirty german for lunch
by paraleel October 03, 2011
Fornicating with a sweaty armpit. Preferably unshaven.

"Dude, when that bitch passed out I gave her a dirty German!"
by TCK82 February 07, 2008
Derived from the roots of the infamous Dirty Sanchez, the Dirty German is a smuge of shit on the upper lip in the form of a Hitler moustache.
After receiving a Dirty German she proceeded to shoot herself in the face.
by Kurt 'The German' March 15, 2006
a gay engineering teacher who molests little children and wears spedos to the beach
Watch your children around that dirty german
by Alex Powers May 23, 2003