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When all five of someone's fingers are used at the same time to pleasure an anus; either their own, or another person. Preferably, the ideal situation of a dirty five is done by full insertion of all five fingers. The name is derived from the more known "high five" but obviously for anal stimulation as opposed to a celebratory action between two individuals. Also known as a D5, one can signal their intentions to another person by putting all 5 fingertips together to simulate the technique required for preferred insertion.
Do you think this guy is totally up for a dirty five?
by Brando/s4r4h December 01, 2011
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Foosball slang. Using the five-man rod to score against an opponent preferably when the ball is initially dropped into the game. This is considered a "dirty" way to score hence the name.
You only won because of that dirty five on the last goal.
by Forever Pimpin' October 10, 2007

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