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Inserting ice cubes into a male or females asshole and procedding to have anal sex with them until the ice melts and then you drink it.
I gave my girlfriend the most rightous Dirty Eskimo, it made my dick numb. :)
by Bootyhole Bandit August 17, 2006
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Dropping a large, long "lincoln log" dump and freezing it solid.

Then using it as an anal dildo while you bang your favorite girl.
"Keep out my freezer, I'm prepping a Dirty Eskimo"
by MonkeyChamp March 09, 2012
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Taking a shit outside in the snow, then wiping your ass with a snowball and throwing it at someone. The muddier the poop, the dirtier the Eskimo.
The unsuspecting skiers on the chairlift got dirty eskimo'd by a snowboarder in the woods.
by Conman520 March 01, 2010
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