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noun: A particularly creepy middle-aged peeping Tom who must always secretly video others doing sexual or lewd acts for his later enjoyment.
I found my Uncle's Dirty Donald videos; I was in them!
by Greg Bahamas April 25, 2009
Another name for Mcdonalds, so called because of the unhealthy food served there. (See Dirty Snack)
Feeling in the mood for a Big Mac, Dave decided to visit Dirty Donalds.
by BOBtheDAZZLER March 02, 2009
When you sneek up behind someone and rip a nasty, stinky, crunchy, wet fart on their back, leaving a streak of mud-butt.
Damn that was a Dirty Donald if I"ve ever seen one...wipe that off your back!!
by BuckeyeGuy April 15, 2009
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