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When you take a girl out to a nice dinner, see a show, and pay for everything. Then the woman takes you back to her place, where she reveals that she is a zombie den-mother, and you proceed to beat her down with your cutlass. Because you are a pirate, and you never leave home without it. The remainder of the zombie horde is then destroyed by your vampire army.
Dude, that bitch was a total ice queen. But I pulled a Dirty Dana on her, and she shut up real quick.
by The Pirate King July 11, 2008
The gross act of rather disgusting and very obvious fornication in a public place.
Usually oral sex
i.e. A park, baseball field, or mall
Guy #1 "dude i was out with this chick yesterday and we totally had a dirty dana"

Guy #2 "aww man that's so gross! Where'd you do it?"

Guy #1 "at this small little public park. We're gonna call it fornication park now."
by waterpolokid May 27, 2013