The act of a male ejaculating into someone ear.
I think I lost some hearing because of the dirty dan that Steve gave me last night.
by Rexinator March 05, 2010
Top Definition
The meanest bad-ass outlaw who ever walked the Seven Seas. SpongeBob SquarePants is Dirty Dan. He whacks people with shovels.
Isn't Dirty Dan the baddest outlaw of them all?!

Yah! The only one who ever came close was Pinhead Larry.
by WhoDaresWins March 08, 2010
the dirtiest,hairiest,grimiest hunk of man that puts the sex in sexual harrassment
"hold your water" says dirty dan. "well let me tell you"
by jrad the destroyer March 15, 2008
After ejaculating inside a womans vagina during sexual intercourse, you then leave the penis inside, urinating in the vagina.
She was mad that i gave her a Dirty Dan, but i had to go real bad.
by alamo420 January 28, 2009
1. Verb
an action regarding the use of the opposite sex's Hands and Mouth at the same time while sucking the Male Penis rapidly.
I got Dirty Dan last night, it was awesome.
by Ddog@coolman.fuck yea.! February 24, 2011
During a threesome where person 1 is getting a blow job and person 2 is getting anal from person 3, switch places to where person 2 now has their dirty penis in person 3s mouth. Works best in 'spitroast' position.
Bro 1: hey bro, remember that chick we dirty Danned last week?

Bro 2: i bet she still can't get the shit taste to go away.
by Sly cooter December 30, 2014
When a male takes a shit in a bag then stuffs it into the partners hat that he or she must where while having sexual intercourse
Hey foxy grandpa, can i put mah dirty dan in yo hatsicle
by webster thats me January 08, 2012
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