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Stemming from the popular term "Wet Willy" where your friend licks his finger and shoves it in your ear, a Dirty Dale is shoving a finger in a friends ass and then inserting it into another friends ear, thus leaving a burning, stinking sensation.
Kirby was being a douchebag at the party so Steve gave him a Dirty Dale.
by Ray "Goose" Finkle September 03, 2010
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The act of fucking a girl for a French porn
Hey Allie, I heard you did the Dirty Dale the other night
by BigDyl45 July 17, 2011
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Possibly related to the late ODB, however this guitar wielding, bourbon guzzling machine from the ghetto in Forestville is the only person I know who can be stopped by the police for looking like a homeless bum despite the fact he was going to university.

Small and hairy in appearance, can often be heard telling passers by "I know kung-fu" and enjoys relating every activity back to Judo.
"man have a look at that homeless guy!"
"dude thats not a bum, its Dale"

"man my house smells like an abattoir after Dale being here last night. I told him to have a shower but he said no. I'm not sure if its the bootrons or if he carries a skunk in his undies. Damn that's hateful"

"judo lift"
"judo chop"
by Petah November 15, 2004
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