The Dirty Dager is a word that came from the early months of 2011. It is when a Male has a Female perform a blow job(Oral Sex, BJ, Mouth Polish), after he has busted a nut (Ejaculated, Cummed, Spurted) in or on his female counterpart (perferably in her mouth, extra points if she she swallows). As he leaves the house he steals a DVD or a Video Game, or even possibly a CD of his choice.
So the other night I met this broad at the bar, she was a real bitch, so later that night I gave her the good ol Dirty Dager.

It can be used in any of the following grammatical manners as well:
He is a real Dirty Dager.
Before the night is over, Im going to give that girl the Dirty Dager.
by Midnight Bandit January 11, 2011

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