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An alcohlic beveridge, typically drank warm, mixed to these specifications;
In a styrafoam cup mix:
Two shots of the cheapest whiskey,
" " vodka,
" " rum,
a shot of kahlua,
two olives (color not important),
two old packets of half and half
and a dash of pepper. Enjoy!

For those D.B.N. fans out there try;
salting the rim of your cup for a Sweaty D.B.N.
and adding a couple of taco bell sauces will give you
a hot D.B.N.
Mix and match... Try and find one you like!
Chris: Damn, Jay. I wanna get wasted, but all I have till payday is tree fitty.
Jay: Well your in luck, Chris! Have you ever tried a Hot-n-Sweaty Dirty Bum Nuts?!?!
by yuckie June 24, 2007
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