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A game in which a group of men gather around a slice of bread and the last man who ejaculates on the bread must eat it.
I played dirty biscuit last night, and thank god I didn't lose. Larry had to eat the cum soaked biscuit.
by thermostat January 22, 2009
1.the best possible hand you can have in poker.
A.K.A "the nuts"
2.something beyond extremely awesome
Man! I flopped the dirty biscuits and some donkey called my all in with a nine two off suit
by Willerbug March 18, 2007
A group of guys get in a circle with a biscuit on the ground, the last one to ejaculate on it has to eat it or it is thrown at them
These 5 guys go in a dark closet and start masturbating, there is a biscuit on the floor in the middle of them. All but one guy ejaculates on it, that one guy has to eat the biscuit or have it thrown at him. Hence the name "dirty biscuit"
by Milsey Boy March 20, 2010
A dirty biscuit is the last biscuit you make from the left over dough in a batch of biscuits. It always is a different shape than the others.
"When I was small the kids would fuss over the dirty biscuit."
by holy combat man October 02, 2014
The best damn cajun dish a drunken individual can order at Mother's Restaurant in New Orleans. This dish is prepared and served especially during the celebration of Mardi Gras.
Waitress: What did you order?!?
Drew: I ordered a dirty biscuit, dammit!!!
by kamsh February 26, 2008
A sexual act in which you ejaculate into a biscuit and insert it into your partners butt. You then proceed to engage in anal sex and after you finish, you remove the biscuit and eat it.
Me and Wendy did a Dirty Biscuit last night!
by Hairy Knuckles McGee September 06, 2008
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