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Doing something disgusting and humiliating when dared to by your friends, only to receive a relatively small amount of money in return.
He's just done a Dirty Al, how much did he get paid?
by I hate Sheffield July 22, 2009
After drinking a thirty pack of Busch throwing up, shitting, and pissing on a person's chest. Then, mixing the discharge together with your dick and using it for anal lube, then blowing the load into the recievers hair so their hair appears to be silvery.
Alan: hey homeboy I got a fuckin thirty of busch
Fred: hell yeah man let's get on that shit
Al: man I got my own thirty who wants a dirty al?

Alan: you know I'm in
by pimpdazzle July 14, 2009
The name for the lustful eye usually given by the dirty, old uncle usually directed at the underage daughter or niece.

Also a name for the "I want to have sex with you because you look underage" look.

The dirty version of "pretty eyes".
Little Lady Student: Teacher, teacher!! A strange, looking mexican across the street was giving me the Dirty Al. He gave me the creeps!!
Teacher: Dammit!! I told my husband to stay at home!!
by the Little Kid May 31, 2006