When you shit on a big piece of plastic wrap and wrap it around your girlfriend while she sleeps.
The bitch chewed on my dick, so I gave here a dirt skirt while she was sleeping
by Ed Nealy February 01, 2007
Top Definition
1. a female with whom you have no interest in being engaged
2. a female acting in a slutty manner
3. a female lacking significant mental and physical attractiveness
'dude, check out that one in Old Navy visor...total dirtskirt'
'that girl is a dirtskirt for sure!'
by whiskymack January 09, 2004
A dirt skirt: Is a cute girl you meet while she is young but who grows up white trash. You know she will always be trash and your sad cuz you would totally want to have sex with her later on in life.
Sheila was cute from day one but she'll always be a dirt skirt.

She is a total dirk skirt but I would still bang her.
by -cM June 18, 2007
when your nailin someone in the ass and they never took a shit before you did, so when your done and pull out you have a shit ring stained around your dick, or a dirt skirt.
she told me not to put it in her ass, but i did anyway, now i'm wearing a dirt skirt for life.
by trashed April 23, 2008
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