A dirtball that is also a hick.
Corey is the biggest dirtneck that I have ever met in my life.
by BiggestDirtball July 30, 2011
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A filthy person who has done you wrong or who needs to wash their neck.
You really need to wash up boy! you don't wanna' end up a 'dirt neck' like your uncle.... do you?
by M.Dizzle420 May 24, 2010
A dirtbag person who should be shot in the face at least 3 times. Then shot again just to embarrass them. Then you should uppercut a dog just cuz he opened a window. Originates from the Latin words dirticus and neckae, meaning "Wow you're awful" and "Your mom gives good head", respectively.
You're a fuckin dirtneck bro. Make me a sandwich.
by Aspano April 07, 2004

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