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A dirtball that is also a hick.
Corey is the biggest dirtneck that I have ever met in my life.
by BiggestDirtball July 30, 2011
A filthy person who has done you wrong or who needs to wash their neck.
You really need to wash up boy! you don't wanna' end up a 'dirt neck' like your uncle.... do you?
by M.Dizzle420 May 24, 2010
A dirtbag person who should be shot in the face at least 3 times. Then shot again just to embarrass them. Then you should uppercut a dog just cuz he opened a window. Originates from the Latin words dirticus and neckae, meaning "Wow you're awful" and "Your mom gives good head", respectively.
You're a fuckin dirtneck bro. Make me a sandwich.
by Aspano April 07, 2004
Someone who's constantly out getting dirty racing dirtbikes, running races, fourwheeling, etc.

Also, the line of dirt you get on your neck from being active outside, doing stuff.
"Hey, where's Danny? I thought we were going to that new oxygen bar this afternoon and then watching the box set of Friends?"

"Oh, he's up on the mountain running his KTM down the south slope - he's such a dirtneck."
by LouVooten March 15, 2016
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