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1. A person who is extremely dirty, raggedy and usually smelly. They are mostly avoided by society because they are too disgusting. Also, because they are outcasts they form factions and roam the streets.
"Hey, I think i smell something..."
"Oh shit, it's the dirtbombs! Run!"
by SkullKingGuy June 08, 2009
A very pretty, dirty looking, extremely easy woman
That Jackie from Kenny is fit but she is deffo a category 6 dirt bomb. I'm sure you'd catch a dose off her so watch out!

by MikeM79 September 13, 2007
A woman who doesn't clean her vaginal area or one who loves sperm on her face and in her mouth.
"I busted one in that dirtbomb last night and now my nuts itch."

"Your girl is such a dirtbomb. She can't go to the store without running into ten guys she screwed."
by Mack Dougal May 30, 2008
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