someone or some act that has you disgusted
Frank the dirt mcgirt dropped kangaroo pellets into his girlfriends mouth while she was sleeping and then woke her up and told her she had bad breath.
by Friskydingo March 25, 2007
Top Definition
One of the many nicknames of O.D.B From Wu-Tang Clan AkA
*Ason Unique
* The Bebop Specialist
* Big Baby Jesus
* Cyrus
* Dirt Dog
* Dirt McGirt
* Dirty
* Barney Kool Breeze
* The Father
* Freeloading Rusty
* Joe Bananas
* Michael (Can't get off) Phipps
* Ol' Dirt Schultz
* Ol' Dirty Chinese Restaurant
* Ol' Dirty Block (Gravel Pit Music Video)
* Osirus
* Prince Delight
* The Professor
* Rain Man
* Da King
Yo man,Ol' Dirty aka Dirt Mcgirt Ripped up that new track
by Eazy6691 May 04, 2007
When you break up old cigarettes to roll a new one.
"Yo C I'ma roll A dirt mcgirt"

"I'm gonna break these butt's down, and roll a dirt mcgirt real quick dawg"
by Jappawocky January 02, 2014
Weed that isn't worth smoking.Bad Weed.
Yo I'm not buying from Navia no mo, she has that Dirt Mcgirt.
by Adrian November 05, 2004

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