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Another name for Russell Jones aka ODB, a former member of the Wu Tang Clan
"Dirt Dog" was also the name of one of Ol' Dirty Bastard's songs:

Ol' Dirty Bastard
Dirt Dog

Ol' Dirty Bastard
C'mon, fuck that shit
panting hard seven times
Yo bitches out there, a-throw your hands in the air
To my niggaz out there (out there)
Throw your guns in the air (one two three)
Let me hear you go - Dirt, Doooooooog!
Dirt, Doooooooog!
Let me hear you go - Dirt, Doooooooog!
Dirt, Doooooooog!
(Ahhhhh) Let me hear you go..
by Brandon G. March 07, 2005
A tough, scrappy baseball player who plays hard, gets dirty, has an unrelenting work ethic, and throws their whole heart into the game. A dirt dog is a player who may not be the glamorous big name star of a team but they know how to play ball and they get it done. Also know as a "ballplayer" in "Did you see Mike Lowell turn that play, he is a f*cking BALLPLAYER"

Mike Lowell is a classic dirt dog. See also, Trot Nixon. Dustin Pedroia is a little dirt dog.
by Michelle_M_ November 01, 2007
most commonly a male that has hooked up with some sketchy girls and/or has done some type of depraved sexual acts accordingly, also this person neither condemns or condones their actions
Oh man did you hear that Tanner hooked up with Lafounda last night!? that guy is a fuckin Dirt Dog.

Wait you ate out her ass ? you are such a Dirt Dog.

You know that girl i was with last night? this morning she gave me a blumkin i felt like a Dirt Dog
by DUB-Spence February 17, 2011
dirt daawg
an illmatic person
can be used in a humorous way
when someone did something ill or nasty (in a funny or dirty way)
by tizznasty May 18, 2003
(n.1) A guy who is a complete boss who earns respect from everyone. Usually a bro who plays a contact sport and is willing to do any kind of a dirty hit just to send a message to his opponent. Composed of a ton of dirt, a little bit of dog.

(n.2) An ugly-ass bitch. A girl with the face of a dog that no guy can bear to look at for more than 5 seconds without vomitting.

(n.3) A ridiculously cool bitch that will talk to you about anything and is willing to make a list of the hottest girls at her school and possibly hook you up with one of your choice. This bitch may be a bro's sister that you consider yours just out of her coolness.

(n.4) A total douche bag. That guy that always talks way too loud and always has to start shit with everyone who looks at him. This type of dirt dog may not always be like this, and may acquire this dirt-doggedness when completely drunk.

(adj.1) C.A.S. (Cool As Shit). Something that utterly blows your mind that you can't even describe it. Awesome.

(adj.2) Fuckin lame. Bringing you down after having an awesome time at a party or other form of social gathering with bros and biddies. G.A.S. (Gay As Shit)

(origin) Coming from the slums of Shaolin. The Ol' Dirty Bastard, Russel Jones, of the prestigious Wu-Tang Clan. May he rest in peace but at the same time keep his spirit among us, being the Dirt Dog he once was.
(ex. 1) Holy shit brajh did you see that hit?! What a total Dirt Dog.

(ex. 2) (in a whispering voice to the bro beside him) God damn it dude get that Dirt Dog away from my face before I puke all over this place.

(ex.3) Dude I can't believe your sis is gonna hook us up with her hot-ass friends!!! She is now officially my Dirt Dog.

(ex. 4) Yo why the fuck does he have to be such a Dirt Dog right now everyone was having such a good time getting hammered at this banger! Total D-Bag. And why does he have to have his shirt off?


(ex. 6) Oh my God, brajh! This is so Dirt Dog. There are litterally no bitches in the place, and no booze. What the fuck is this shit man???
by Brostradamus IV November 01, 2009
someone who smoke 2 packs of USA golds and day and drinks a 30 of milwakees best. Most commonly found in dirty areas.
Ewww look at that dirt dog who just chain smoked 20 USA golds.
by rockhead May 24, 2003
The act of having anal sex, but withdrawing the cock before ejaculating and having your partner lick all the fecal matter off before blowing your load on their face.
Tony loves to give Harry the dirt dog.
by faceman August 30, 2002
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