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Used instead of overused words like sick, tight, sweet, etc.

Not everything can be Dirt sauce though, it must be earned and saved for special cases
Dude that chicks gotta dirt sauce ass
ha yeaaa dude i'll giver some dirt sauce


man Ortiz had a dirt sauce game today but Manny still weak saucing it up
by gunzoid November 27, 2006
Something that is above-average in quality. Can be used as a comparison to weaksauce which is the exact opposite of dirtsauce.
1. "Dude, I just spent $400,000 dollars on my new car."
"Yeah, I know. The interior is dirtsauce."

2. "I was playing Halo 3 last night and I got 25 headshots in a row. So I screamed dirtsauce and woke up my mom. Now I don't have xbox for a week."
by Señor Fernandes August 31, 2009

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