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Basically something that surprised you or that is undefinable/indescribable, anything you can't talk about in your current situation or in public.

Something to be shouted when someone starts talking about something taboo in the current audience.

Something to be used to distract or change the conversation.

Something to draw attention away from something.

Something abstract to confuse and draw attention.

Also known as a social life saver.
When those street magicians preform, and they distract you with a decoy coin, only to have the real one show up in you hand, THAT'S a dirt nougat!

When a ninja is caught in a tight spot and throws a smoke bomb, that's a dirt nougat.

when you fail and you do something awesome to make up for it, that's a dirt nougat.

Before Tim Allen was famous, he was caught with a shit load of cocaine, then he became a famous actor/ comedian, and nobody remembers, THAT was a dirt nougat.
by big115bird May 06, 2013
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