Top Definition
1-Another name for a whore, hoe, slut.
2- Description of a inhumane sexually active girls vagina.
3-The sensitive spot of a females vagina that has been touched by so many that it's dirty.
4- A nickname or insult given to any girl who is or has been sexually active with more than one guy.
5- A possible STD infested part of a female.
6- A name for a girl who could be a professional sperm donor just by spitting into a cup, because so many guys have ejaculated in to her that her saliva is made up of 99.9% semen.
Dude1: Yo you fuck that girl last night?
Dude2: Hell yeah you know I'm all about getting my D wet.
Dude1: Well you know she's fucked with me and like four other guys she barely knows over the past two weeks right?
Dude1: Word yo! I'm thinking about getting tested..
Dude2: Same here! now that you mentioned that shit.
by Clayton Morrill June 08, 2011
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