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When you get really thrashed, plasterd, whatever and you start making a fool out of yourself for example by laying in the dirt making dirt angels.
girl1- how was the party last nite?
girl2- embarrasing! i was making "dirt angels" AGAIN!
girl1- hahahahaha you retard!
by SUICIDEMAKEOUT December 17, 2007
Someone who holds the truest beauty of all time. Maximum beauty, but not at a high level of audacity. One must embrace this lifestyle during a precocious life stage to carry on living a life of a beautiful, dirt angel.
boy: You are a beautiful angel
girl: really? aww...
boy: a beautiful, dirt angel
girl: awwww, that is the sweetest thing i've ever heard!
by Sir Hank Moody January 17, 2009
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