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To be both dirty (sexually) and thirsty (for men) at the same time
Jack: How was your date last night?

Spencer: She was dirsty man! It was hard to keep her out of my pants!
by expomonkey December 07, 2013
Thirsty to get drunk.
Damn son, I be dirsty as shit. Lets hit up the crunk juice.
by crunkmaestro August 14, 2009
Thirsty for the dirty.
Her boyfriend sucks in bed. I bet she is dirsty for a real man.
by SucioMas September 12, 2010
Another meaning of dirty, or nasty
"Damn, she has one dirsty, nasty pussy."
by <3 Dirsty. November 01, 2009
Dirty and Dusty combined.
The nigga look dirsty!
by Tierra November 13, 2003
dirty and nasty
Maaaaaaannnnn, that toilet in the gas station was dirsty
by MrMachinimaFan763 August 25, 2011
Someone with no home training , not sanitary cheap and unkept , no standards especially when it comes to sex
" yo that girl with the three kids , got caught giving it up in the bathroom at the club again , smh that bitch dirsty "
by OhBoy123 February 04, 2015

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