The act of physically or metaphorically pre-maturely orgasming on a person or situation. To make a huge mistake.
Oh no! I just dirked on your belly.
I feel horrible, i studied so hard. Despite my efforts i totally dirked that whole test.
#dirk #dirked #spunked #durk #screwed #nutted
by dangeray September 22, 2010
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Top Definition
To be utterly and totally owned by someone who is obscenely massive and uncoordinated looking. Comes from the German NBA player and current NBA champion as of 2011 Dirk Nowitzki.
"And Dirk sinks the three point shot, you just got DIRKED Miami"
#owned #slammed #shut down #taken out #blocked
by NBAfan69 December 13, 2011
The feeling of excitement you have when the Dallas Mavericks win.
I got so Dirked when the Mavericks beat the Heat!
#dirk #dirked #dirking #dirkee #nowitske
by Coltsteel June 10, 2011
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