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The most useful way to divide the body of music created by man, is into Dire Straits, and non-Dire Straits.

Once you've learned to appreciate the subtely and refinement of Knopfler and company, every other artist pales in comparsion.

Eric Clapton has admitted an inferiority complex because of Knopfler's majestic guitar stylings.

Dire Straits: will there ever be a better band?
"Dire Straits is the only band that plays like an organic whole" -- Bob Dylan.
by cjwright79 June 27, 2005
A awesome band, who plays tightly, amazing guitar solos, very unappreciated in the younger generation, and that's a shame because this band "played as an organic whole" - Bob Dylan
Probably the most popular of their songs (lthough they wrote many good songs) is "The Sultans of Swing"
Damn man I cruise to the dire straits album in my tempo. It's the best cassette I own.
by Will stuck in OntARIO November 05, 2005
Best band EVER
Boy them Dire Straits are damn good
by MJI August 13, 2003
to be in serious shit !!!! to be fucked up !!!
you dumasses don't even know your own language !!! You're in Dire straits
by estranger October 06, 2010
The band that made me decide to play the guitar, but not as good as wordLed Zeppelinword.
Money for nothing and your chicks for free!
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
"To Dire Strait someone"

Getting rid of dates gone boring or irritating 'friends' by playing air guitar on minute long solos from overrated songs like 'Romeo and Juliet' or 'Telegraph Road'.
"She was going on and on about her mother so in the end I had to Dire Strait her..."

"I simply used the Dire Straits Method and away he was..."
by Geoff Wode March 29, 2006
A homophobic band that uses the word 'faggot' to demean gay people.
Dire Straits are a homophobic bunch of rednecks.
by sensitive liberal December 30, 2005
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