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The lime green teletubby. He has a brown face and wears a cow spotted hat.
Dipsy: Uh-oh, Po!
Po: Uh-oh, Dipsy!
Tinky-Winky: Uh-oh. Tinky Winky wants some Tubby Toast!
Laa-laa: Uh-oh, Dipsy, where your hat?
All: UH-OH!
Noo-noo: *slurp slurp slurp*
by Gwen Stefani Grrl November 26, 2003
17 25
The second largest Teletubby. He is lime green and his antenna sticks straight up. He has an extremely suntanned (or brown?) face. Dipsy likes to wear what may or may not be a pimp hat. He made up a song about it too (Dipsy's hat, Dipsy's hat, fancy that, it's Dipsy's hat!). Dipsy is very good at amusing himself and has a "Bup-a-tum-bup-tum-a-bum" song that he sings whenever he can. He likes to dance like Michael Jackson.
Laa-Laa: *giggle* Eh oh, Dipsy!
Dipsy: Bup-a-tum-bup-tum-a-bum (dances)
by Fruit Is Gross August 04, 2005
110 27
The feeling in between drunk and tipsy.
You know when you've gotten to that point where your stumbling and slurring but your not quite to the point where you can't see straight and you haven't spilled your drink all over yourself yet? Yeah, thats dipsy.
/Created July 14,2006 on PCH, by Lauren, raul & jeni.
"Duudee i'm so past tipsy right now, i must be dipsyy!"
by jenigrayy October 04, 2006
43 32
it's the middle place between drunk and tipsy
J: "hey was i drunk last night?"
S: "nope, you were dipsy"
by Jennifaaa August 05, 2007
25 20
The green telletubby obviously played by a black man or else he wouldn't be poppin, boody shakin', and having a brown face!
Blac telly
by twintron4 June 03, 2004
31 36
A title given to a female obtaining a hotness level of 7 or better on a scale of 1 to 10.
"Shit, there's a dipsy over there."
"I don't know man, I'd only give her a 6."
"Are you a fucking idiot?! She definitely an 8...therefore, dipsy."
by Rufus McCooter February 18, 2009
10 16
When a male individual somewhat appears to be homosexual or sexually curious about those of the same sex.
Dude, I'm startin to think Anthony is a lil dipsy.
by jackal1015 June 11, 2010
2 17