A name that is given to persons with the ability to bring sexual climax to their partner by merely touching them.
Marco graced me with his unnatural abilities once more when he leaned over to flick a crumb from my shoulder. With nothing more than this quick touch, I began to climax again. He is soooooo dipster.
by Papsi May 26, 2005
a dork in dallas. all dorks in dallas are usually referred to as dipsters.
did you see that guy over there making that sig, it looks pretty good but i heard he's from dallas. what a dipster.
by brandonphoenix May 31, 2005
a name for loser friends who ditch you and act like your invisible.
At the basketball game my friend's were being dipsters.
by Tina February 25, 2005
DIP-STIR, what is a dipshit hipster
wanna come over later tonight and play mario cart..... Eww what no, stop being such a dipster
by dt_22_ May 10, 2016
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