A word often used by annoying sluts/prepsters, to demonstrate the stupidity or unfavorableness of a situation.
Paula: This test is dippy.
Elise: Dippity-do-da.
by theotherjd June 11, 2009
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Dippy means to be a complete stupid fucking dumbass, plain and simple.
The busdriver is really dippy
by Josephp111 March 04, 2004
silly, foolish
you are so dippy.
by wuh April 17, 2003
derived from dipshit

a moron, dumb ass, someone who is very gullible
Alex, stop being such a dippy.
You're a dippy!
by sfchinadolls May 04, 2010
A stupid person.
Teacher: What's 2 x 3?

Dippy: 23?
by Brilliant Definer April 02, 2013
Someone Displaying Dip shit like qualities.
Stop acting like a dippy and get the fuck out of the fire.
by PureChaos August 14, 2009
Dippy means to be a complete stupid fucking dumbass, plain and simple. silly, foolish - derived from dipshit
A Dippy person for instance would be the kind of retarded idiot who pissed themselves on a plane when they think there are no toilets, and there are.
by LOL!LOL February 22, 2011
A cuter and kinder way of saying "Dipshit".
Look at that man over there trying to lick his own elbow. What a Dippy!
(Plural) Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann are two of the biggest Dippies on the planet.
by FriedContent May 11, 2014

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