when a human nipple is split into 2 parts
Jane has dipples OR i enjoy sucking on Wendy's dipples cause i suck 4!! WOW
by David Spiteri December 11, 2004
Top Definition
A small penis. A penis SO small it can be confused as a nipple. A dick nipple hence the name dipple.
That guy has a dipple!
by unknown doe October 27, 2011
Dipples is the known slang for nipples that are concave, pointing inwards instead of outwards.
Sammy has dipples! God, look at them! They're pointing inwards!
by MissRose-- April 28, 2010
Nipples that do not point outwards. Instead, they point inwards.
Her dipples sometimes come out if she is cold or if she is horny.
by kexley April 11, 2010
The hard black point at the end of the banana that no one wants.
Eww get that Dipple out of your mouth you disgusting being!
by pastriginorte September 12, 2015
Pussy, or formally, a vagina.
"It'll make you wanna dip yo dipple" is a line from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Backwoods."
by Captain Jack Sparrow JpK August 20, 2006
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