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A small penis. A penis SO small it can be confused as a nipple. A dick nipple hence the name dipple.
That guy has a dipple!
by unknown doe October 27, 2011
17 6
Dipples is the known slang for nipples that are concave, pointing inwards instead of outwards.
Sammy has dipples! God, look at them! They're pointing inwards!
by MissRose-- April 28, 2010
9 2
Nipples that do not point outwards. Instead, they point inwards.
Her dipples sometimes come out if she is cold or if she is horny.
by kexley April 11, 2010
6 5
when a human nipple is split into 2 parts
Jane has dipples OR i enjoy sucking on Wendy's dipples cause i suck 4!! WOW
by David Spiteri December 11, 2004
11 12
Pussy, or formally, a vagina.
"It'll make you wanna dip yo dipple" is a line from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Backwoods."
by Captain Jack Sparrow JpK August 20, 2006
18 20