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God's message that says Savil is great and always respect him!!
Dipali is another word for the worshipping of savil, the hindu idol.
by Rajeev Nbalski November 12, 2007
11 17
A confident, firey female who likes the idea of flying. Generally clumsy and falls over things a lot. This particular female will usually have only 5 best friends.
She's a Dipali!
by It's only me being me as usual October 07, 2011
14 3
A brave and trusty person, who is a loyal friend. Generally a bit crazy
' I wish my best friend was a Dipali!'
by Manner 101 October 13, 2011
10 3
A beautiful girl who loves to party and have fun! With curves and great body. Sometimes a bit silly but that is generally as she loves to enjoy herself and have fun.
If only I was Dipali!
by ZaX 1s AmAzIn FoR R3aL October 13, 2011
11 5
Dipali iz a shmexi ass bitch, alwys damn populr nd sexii, she iz honest

Imma dump ma GF 4 a Dipali
by RuDeBoIiCaNgEtItUp October 17, 2011
6 5