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A confident, firey female who likes the idea of flying. Generally clumsy and falls over things a lot. This particular female will usually have only 5 best friends.
She's a Dipali!
by It's only me being me as usual October 07, 2011
A beautiful girl who loves to party and have fun! With curves and great body. Sometimes a bit silly but that is generally as she loves to enjoy herself and have fun.
If only I was Dipali!
by ZaX 1s AmAzIn FoR R3aL October 13, 2011
A brave and trusty person, who is a loyal friend. Generally a bit crazy
' I wish my best friend was a Dipali!'
by Manner 101 October 13, 2011
Dipali iz a shmexi ass bitch, alwys damn populr nd sexii, she iz honest

Imma dump ma GF 4 a Dipali
by RuDeBoIiCaNgEtItUp October 17, 2011
God's message that says Savil is great and always respect him!!
Dipali is another word for the worshipping of savil, the hindu idol.
by Rajeev Nbalski November 12, 2007

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