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Phrase used when you want to leave somewhere, like a lame party or a really hotboys situation. It usually implies that you want your friends to follow you.
"Yo I'm mad paranoid right now, dip city!"
by Jeannie Beanie February 01, 2010
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when you gotta be out, like now.
"Nigga its da cops, dip city!"
by Dat niggahhh February 03, 2010
A place where you go while in deep slumber. Also home of Gary Coleman and all others who pass on into the afterlife.

(Originated from the word "dipped", meaning unconscious or in a deep sleep.)
George: Yo, what's good tonight?

Jon: Dude, I'm so tired. Gary is calling me, I think I'm gonna just gonna hit dip city early tonight.
by Grandpa Jon August 21, 2010

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