1.) Elf, dwarf, leprechaun, or perhaps jackrabbit

2.) Leader of a renound eponymous heavy metal band, who also sang in Black Sabbath after founding vocalist Ozzy Osbourne was fired, Elf and Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. His age is something of a mystery, but he is known to be between 55 and 65. He is also well below average in height (see def. 1).

3.) Heavy metal band led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio
1.) Hey, isn't that a pygmy on stage?
No! It's a Dio!

2.) Hey, isn't that a pygmy on stage?
No! It's Dio!

3.) The Last in Line is Dio's best album ever.
by -IronMaiden- July 01, 2006
1. Noun- A god
2. Adj- a person or being who is divine or of divine origin; godlike or being like a god
3. Also used a as title meaning divine or divine god
4. an title of a regent or warlord in ancient china or feutal japan
also see god Dio Predator
The dio predator is considered the ultimate Life Form
by MK March 20, 2005
1)italian for god
2)god of metal
1)dio is god
2)on record case dio backwards is devil
by DA SHIZNIT May 20, 2004
God; Messiah; Jesus

puts ozzy to shame
"Who has the most powerful vocals in the world and is the god of all metal?"
"that would be God."
by Emo = Eat my orifice March 30, 2005
1. an ass
2. someone who is related to or is a dildo
3. someone who follows everyone around and is not neccesarily a bad guy just very cclingy.....very clingy
4. slang: an ass
felipe: peter.......your a dio
peter (dio): no your a dio
felipe: your dio
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