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an extreme ultra nationalist clingy chick who once if you flirt with her she'll think youll want to hook up with her someday and have a perfect relationship. race consists of sri lankan, but looks black almost but blacks are way better. even after a year of not talking to her she will still hold a grudge over you even if you told her "were just friends". she might get back up to help her out just as well to deal with the problems.
shes a utter despicable mess who can be classified as a joke amongst the group and isnt taken seriously. she thinks she fits in with the crowd but she really doesnt. shes like a black jelly bean. no one likes the black ones. oh and can either have nice har or just greasy ass fake hair from the swap meet. a complete idiot who has wondering eyes like a fruit fly.
" this chick dinushi ive talked to her over the phone just as friends but she thinks that we are together... so shes mad at me because i dont like her? dude get over yourself bitch you aint even cute on a scale your a 2. you should be happy that i at least talked to you. "
by justinkamaliinthehood May 29, 2013

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