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(Dina)Townin Tulare County,559
-Known home of..
-Tagging krews
-Skate Block
-And Nortenos
Theres a phat party going down in Dinuba tonight, those nigga's gonna be goin 18 Dummy.
by AdamFrmThat559 April 16, 2009
A city in Tulare County of California. Some highlights of this delightful place are...


-Churches, lots and lots of churches.

-A high school (AKA "that place where they play football")

-"2 kool fo skool" high-schoolers.

-A Wal-Mart.

-A McDonalds.

-A Dollar Store.


Juan: Hey, do you wanna leave Dinuba for the weekend?
Cindy: No thanks, I'd rather go write my name on a bathroom stall in Wal-Mart. YOLO.
by ThePseudonymIWantedWasTaken September 16, 2012

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