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According to the Pterodactyl Porn video, available on, someone that likes to have sexual intercourse with dinosaurs.

Dinosexual people often enjoy the presence of reptiles or other marine creatures unknown to most of the normal people.

Dinosexual people may often be recognized by the presence of crocodile boots and other reptile accessories worn directly on their skin.
Page: Jen is dinosexual.
P-L : No way, how come?
Page: She agreed to be fucked by a stegosaurus rex
P-L: Oh really?
Page: Ya really!
P-L: No way!! That girl is so dinosexual!
by Adam Page September 21, 2008
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Is someone that can't be bothered finding someone to have sex with, thus leading to the extinction of there species.
Dynomite is such a Dinosexual.
by Digger111 July 09, 2014

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