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The best ice cream ever. Period. End Of Story. Blue Vanilla, Marshmallows, Oreos. I win. Dinosaur crunch wins. Whoever has had it wins. Whoever hasn't had it loses. It's almost like having an orgy in your mouth. With hott girls too. No other guys...just hott girls.
Dinosaur crunch eater: Dude, have you ever tried Dinosaur crunch?

Non-dinosaur crunch eater: No, why?

Dinosaur crunch eater: God your a dbag.
by J Tizzle Televizzle August 25, 2006
(Verb)- The act of crushing the pelvic bone of an elderly person while having rough sex; due to osteoporosis.
Russ: Hey, can I give your Grandma a dinosaur crunch?

Jon: No way man, she's already in the hospital for the one you gave her last week!
by Alligator face March 20, 2011
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