A sore that is not only HUGE, it's also ANCIENT cuz it just WON'T GO AWAY.
Anon1: Hi /b/, this thing just isn't going away. I'm afraid it will eventually consume my entire face and I will no longer be able to see or breathe. What does /b/ think? Pic related, it's me.
Anon3: It's a fuckin dinosore. I've seen one of those before... on the face of a guy I don't see anymore. lol that rhymed.
by The Bubblewrap Menace May 17, 2009
Top Definition
Soreness caused by being too old to be doing the activity that made you that sore to begin with.
I had no business playing that pick up game with those kids yesterday. Now I'm not just sore, I'm dino-sore.
by yes2research June 29, 2011
a cold sore or herpe sore on an old person
did you see that old ass man? he had a wicked dinosore
by hobo ben June 30, 2010
A large wound or skin infection.
The grease fire gave Tina a dinosore on her body.
by Don D. February 09, 2009
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