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Someone who has become mentally deranged.
He went dinny. You can visit him in the mental hospital. (Probably derived from Romany "dinlo").
by Le Macho August 09, 2006
Another word for "dont" by Scottish people who cant spell it "Dinnae"
" I dinny ken how to spell Dinnae "

by Gemma =] October 31, 2007
A person with a lot of swag and knows how to keep it trill.
The dinny boy was too swag for everyone.
by Trillmasta755 August 24, 2014
To dent, nick, scratch, or cut an object so slightly that it is nearly undetectable.
Ben: "What the hell dude! You dinnied my phone!"
Rich: "First off that's my phone, second it barely has a dinny in it."
by DennisInAtor March 29, 2015
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