the rolls of fat in a woman's stomach. It is soft and squishy thus resembling soft dinner rolls.
Did you see how tight that girl's shirt was! You could see the her stomach dinner rolls!
by Jessika D. April 08, 2009
Top Definition
The act of the vagina lips eating the front of the pants giving the apearance of a dinner roll
That bitches pants are so tight it makes me hungry for that dinner roll
by Phillip l July 13, 2006
What your scrotum turns in to after being submerged in cold water for too long.
Dude it's so cold I got a nice dinner roll right now.
by hwill June 19, 2010
Referred to a roll of marijuana also known as a joint. First heard of at UTSC.
Hey what are you doing?
I'm just making a "Dinner Roll".
by KiloWalt March 25, 2016
Slang for the dineros, the big stacks, MONEY
Stackin the dinner rolls on the table......
You brought me my dinner rolls?
Want this shit? You bring the dinner rolls?
by Link January 30, 2007
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