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Comically small; almost insignificant.
1) Your house looks dinky next to that mansion, Wilson.

2) One dinky screwdriver is the best you can come up with for a birthday present?
by Diggity Monkeez February 22, 2005
42 32
a comical name for a penis
wow your dinky is reallly small
by PEE OEE May 16, 2005
226 104
tiny, small
Thatsa dinky gift! Is that all I get?
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
191 91
when you find something cute and small
"omg ur cat is so dinky!!"

"ive got such a dinky toe"
by Sam--Hanley August 11, 2008
33 18
1- Small Cars

2- Toy Cars
1- That Guy only drives Dinkies

2- Bob is a dinkie collector
by Immortal-Jake May 23, 2006
19 9
Brand name associated with childrens toys, generally refering to small metal cars or trucks
"Mum ! Jason wont give me back my Dinky"
"Jason! stop teasing your brother"
by David Arnott September 02, 2003
28 22
A dick. Term commonly used by small children.
Mom said not to touch the dinky unless I'm in the bathroom.

"Mommy said dinkies don't belong in the mouth!"
by AMC May 12, 2003
26 21