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A character from the movie Space Balls. A little furry thing that walks around and only says "dink dink." Also sings a catchy song, the lyrics are:

dink dink dink dink, dink dink dink, dinkdink. repeat.
Yogurt's little friends are dink dinks
by Mijja April 18, 2007
Dink dink is where you tap dat ass lightly twice in a row, but very subtlety
I was walking down the hallway and i saw Denny give Kyle a little Dink Dink
by DinkDInk696969 March 22, 2016
Bowel movement; feces
"I have to take a lil' dink-dink."

"My dink-dink went plink-plink."
by kate March 03, 2003
any one who does something stupid
yo that kid dennis is such a dink dink
by asdfsdaf April 20, 2008
Gay fag who sucks cock from a fucker
Kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!I
by D November 21, 2004
The nickname for a very cool girl.
Dink Dink I heart youuu
by LiLi March 29, 2005
Another word for asshole, usually referring to the female's.

Todd once told me he likes to lick the dink dink, but doesn't like the shity taste in the morning.
by I Cup In January 10, 2006
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