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Another word for asshole, usually referring to the female's.

Todd once told me he likes to lick the dink dink, but doesn't like the shity taste in the morning.
by I Cup In January 10, 2006
A character from the movie Space Balls. A little furry thing that walks around and only says "dink dink." Also sings a catchy song, the lyrics are:

dink dink dink dink, dink dink dink, dinkdink. repeat.
Yogurt's little friends are dink dinks
by Mijja April 18, 2007
Bowel movement; feces
"I have to take a lil' dink-dink."

"My dink-dink went plink-plink."
by kate March 03, 2003
any one who does something stupid
yo that kid dennis is such a dink dink
by asdfsdaf April 20, 2008
Gay fag who sucks cock from a fucker
Kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!I
by D November 21, 2004
The nickname for a very cool girl.
Dink Dink I heart youuu
by LiLi March 29, 2005