The damn animal that ate my baby
Dont have one cuz the damn thing ate it
by _EJ_ May 10, 2005
When someone has extremly ugly clothings, or extremly ugly hair or extremly ugly make-up. Basicly when someone is making themselves uglier then they are.
"Oh my God! That was so dingo!"
"Those jeans?"
"I know, that's the most ugly things I've ever seen in my entire life."
by xaayp November 06, 2006
dingo ate my baby. Dingos are good tucka. yee.
use in sentences such as: Dingo ate my BABY! and: dingo, would u really hurt such a beautiful creature?
by dingo January 21, 2004
Most commonly mistaken as a kind of dog, when in reality it is a synonym for the persons who have no common sense, a fool, or in other words, a dunce.
What goes through your mind?! You dingo!
by Black§Pearl January 11, 2004
a gigantic queer who does not have enough technical knowledge to keep a fucking FORUM updated
hi my name is Dingo and lots of original comedy was lost due to my ignorance
by madatdingo February 16, 2005
A dumb fucking idiot. One that dings. A dimwit. From the root word Dingus.
This dingo didn't even read the instructions, he ended up with the condom in his own ass.
by Djeric June 05, 2016
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