a slang term for penis or dick
that man has a huge dingo
by Jim Bob Doe May 23, 2006
A silly, ignorant, or non-thinking person.
Dingo:What are pickles made out of?
by Morgan February 05, 2005
A person who steals anothers food.
"Oi dingo, leave my food alone"
by kitta April 14, 2004
1)An Australian
2)mythical dog-like creature of Australia
you fucking Dingo!!!!
by dingorulz November 26, 2003
Wild dogs of Australia. Descended from the pet dogs of the Aborigines.
Dingoes roam the outback, hunting wombats.
by joe boo August 28, 2003
What we call in America: a Dog.
Often referred as: Common Dog.
Mark was bitten by an american-dingo while he was walking in the dog park.
by UrbanWizard April 01, 2007
The damn animal that ate my baby
Dont have one cuz the damn thing ate it
by _EJ_ May 10, 2005

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