A wild australian dog-like mammal, oft mistaken for tame housepets.
" Oh no, a dingo ate mah baby!"
by subvertz December 23, 2002
A younger male who pursues an older male specifically one who is more then 10 years his senior.
"Oh hey, look at that dingo go after that silver fox!"
by prowlingdingo6969 December 30, 2009
What austrialians say to attempt to show off as they think they are cool.
NZer: We bet you at the test mate.
Aus: Do you need some glasses mate you were off side. DINGO DINGO DINGO. DINGO DINGO DINGO.
NZer:You aussies are getting dumber by the minute.
by Kiwis Rule July 07, 2009
Infanticide, baby removalist, etc etc
I used a dingo to get rid of my baby
by fucknuckle July 15, 2006
Any of the members of the band "Dingoes Ate My Baby"
from the series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Lead Guitarist in the band was the character "Oz", who was also a werewolf.
Dingoes are from Australia, also known as "Oz", both werewolves and Dingoes have both been reported to eat babies.
Joss Whedon is clever man; even if a little insensitive to certain Australian families tragedy.
by Visto January 09, 2004
A doglike animal native to australia. Thought to have been brought by the europens.
Oye mate me dingo tizzen inder der vegebyte.
by homosexual March 29, 2003
young boys who hit on older women
opposite male version of cougar (dingo)
by Jmef March 23, 2007

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